In the examples subdirectory of the powderday root directory are some example snapshots for different hydro codes suppported thusfar. This will likely change over time as the code evolves and parameter files change. Also, eventually the examples will migrate to the agora project snapshots.

For each example file there should be two parameter files that will be reasonable for the associated snapshot, though you’ll need to edit the hard linked directories that specify where (e.g.) dust files are and output should go. To run, type (in the powderday) source directory:

>python pd_front_end.py <example directory> <parameters_master_file>

Note - the .py extensions on the parameter files need to be left off.


The example simulation is a cosmological zoom simulation of a Milky Way mass galaxy that can be downloaded here (6 GB download):

To run the code, you would type:

>python pd_front_end.py examples/gadget/mw_zoom parameters_master_401 parameters_model_401

The SED (placed at z = 3 with a Planck13 cosmology) looks like:


and an example plotting code can be found in the convenience subdirectory of the powderday root directory.