Model Tests

Here, we describe some tests of the model. This growing suite of tests are packaged with the repository so that developers can examine the impact of any code updates.

SKIRT tests

SKIRT is an outstanding dust radiative transfer code developed by the Ghent group with a number of features that distinguish it from powderday. Here, we describe how to run model tests between the two codes.

A few notes:

Relevant Hash:The powderday hash for the most recent set of tests is 21204f2 and the relevant SKIRT hash is 96e8be9761c3021498b847854bf84c3da3129555.
Simulation Codes:
 The tests done here have only been done for Gadget/Gizmo simulations.
Downloads:Currently, the SKIRT and powderday model outputs from our tests are available on the BitBucket downloads page. The relevant parameter files (the .ski input file for SKIRT and the parameters*.py files for powderday are packaged with the repository.

Actually Running the Tests: Powderday:

To run the powderday test code, run:

python tests/SKIRT/mw_zoom parameters_master_401 parameters_model_401

After having edited the parameters_master and parameters_model file for your specific paths. The model snapshot is the same as in the Gadget/Gizmo quickstart section.

The tests run here were done with hash 16f281e

Actually Running the Tests: SKIRT:

SKIRT needs to know the stellar and gas particle information from the hydrodynamic simulation. In `, there’s a function SKIRT_data_dump() that dumps these files to your powderday output directory. Here, it should have dumped files with a path like:


SKIRT also requires an input parameter file which can be created via a terminal input following their tutorials. We have created the .ski input file:


SKIRT requires paths relative to the run directory. After compiling SKIRT, one possible setup might be:

cd SKIRT/run
mkdir pd_test
cp <path_to_powderday>/tests/SKIRT/ pd_test
../release/SKIRT/main/skirt pd_test/

In the run directory, this should create a file like: /home/desika.narayanan/SKIRT/run/test_i90_sed.dat. This has chosen one particular viewing angle (which, in fact may not be the same viewing angle as the powderday simulation - in fact it was arbitrarily chosen). Then you can run:

cd <path_to_powderday>
python tests/SKIRT/

and it should produce an image like


This image is also found in the repo in the tests/SKIRT directory.