Welcome to Powderday’s documentation!

powderday is a dust radiative transfer package designed to interface with galaxy formation simulations in order to produce realistic spectral energy distributions and images. The code utilizes fsps (and its python hooks, python-fsps) for stellar SEDs, and Hyperion for dust radiative transfer. Threaded throughout is yt.

The code has two principle aims - to be flexible (and extremely modular), and to be easy to use. The package is written in python, though makes use of fortran, C and cython.

As of now, the code works Gadget (HDF5), Gizmo (HDF5), Gasoline (tipsy), Changa (tipsy) and Arepo (HDF5). Support for RAMSES, ART and Enzo are in progress, as well as NCHILADA-formatted outputs. The current timeline for a code paper is Fall 2019 (fingers crossed).

Finally, this code benefits from the contributions, either directly to this software, or indirectly by contributions to dependency software, by many astrophysicists, including Matt Turk, Tom Robitaille, Connor McClellan, Ray Sharma, Robert Thompson, Charlie Conroy, Prerak Garg, Ben Johnson, Dan Forman-Mackey and Phil Hopkins.



While the developers have made every effort to ensure that the code is bug-free, bugs invariably find their way in. The developers are not responsible for incorrect results, arising either from inherent bugs in the code, or mistakes in usage. Any questions regarding the code or usage should be sent to the mailing list.


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